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Fleetwatch is the original innovator, purveyor of the industry-leading driver safety and risk management decal based program – 1 800 How’s My Driving. Our driver risk management solutions saves you money, reduce driving accidents and protect your bottom line with the best return on investment in the fleet safety management industry!

For over 27 years, we have been monitoring the fleet industry. Our Driver Reporting Program is a cost-effective risk management solution that identifies high risk drivers before an accident occurs. It serves as an early warning system. Fleetwatch Systems How’s My Driving also serves effectively as “Brand Value Protection” tool.

Our Risk Management System will help you identify high risk drivers; enabling your company to take a proactive approach of educating, and retraining unsafe drivers before accidents occur that could endanger lives, and cost your organization a loss of time, money, manpower, equipment and equipment.

Fleetwatch’s true classic yellow decal 1-800 -howsmydriving program has become the North American benchmark for the most effective, yet inexpensive driver safety improvement program that can be implemented in any corporate fleet. With decades of proven results, this is the next best thing to sitting beside the driver in the vehicle yourself.