Fleet Watch

1-800 Hows My Driving

FLEETWATCH ┬« Systems – Driver and Fleet Risk Monitoring Programs are designed to increase safety on the roadways. Our┬áindustry-leading programs provides owners/fleet managers with an ongoing flow of information that helps identify drivers who need improvement. Our driver check early warning risk management system helps you to be proactive; educating, retraining, unsafe drivers before costly accidents occur-endangering lives and costing the company money. We will help you identify high risk drivers before they cause an accident. Our innovative accident prevention and risk management system is proven to get you results. This is the next best thing to sitting beside the driver in the vehicle yourself.

How our Program Works

Phase 1: Monitoring

Once we receive your registration and vehicle list from your company, we will mail you sequentially numbered decals, which must be affixed to the assigned vehicles.

The decals will read, “How’s My Driving?” and will show our toll-free number and website address for motorists to report any comments they may have. Motorists may contact our Safety Call Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All calls are answered “live” by our multi-lingual CSR’s and recorded in our digital database. We also provide a web-based reporting system where a motorist can report an observation online thru our website.

Phase 2 : Analysis

Our 24-hour Safety Call Center is located in North America and is equipped to take calls immediately upon motorist’s call-in. Our Safety Operators are professionally trained to first defuse the motorists’ anger, and then document their observations of the incident. All calls are recorded live. These calls are reviewed, and verified by a trained Safety Specialist to eliminate false reports.

Phase 3: Reporting

Your safety manager will deliver the report to you by your preselected reporting method within 15 minutes to 3 hours of the receipt of the call. During high volume or holiday periods the reporting time may increase to a maximum of 24 hours.

Monthly reports will be provided to you by your assigned safety manager.

Phase 4: Intervention

We present you with clear, unbiased and reliable information by way of incident reporting that will allow your company to respond to each situation as it sees fit. Based on our vast monitoring experience we will be able to use baseline data to assist you in indentifying key problem areas for certain drivers that require immediate attention. As your monitoring history increases over time, we are able to map statistics and chart them against comparative industry standards to identify areas of definciency in your transportation operations.

Please visit the Risk Assessment Consulting section for further details on this optional feature

Phase 4: Intervention

Once we have indentified areas of deficiency, we are able to custom tailor education and training packages that will help correct improper driving behaviour and attitudes.

Please visit the Education / Training section for further details on this optional feature.