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DOT Compliance

Your DOT Compliance is Our Business

At Fleetwatch, we have over two decades of experience helping carriers manage their DOT compliance programs. From drug and alcohol testing to driver qualification files, our comprehensive programs and services will help you get compliant – and stay compliant.rely on Foley to manage their safety, reputation and financial performance.

We’ve become a trusted partner to carriers who want to spend less time worrying about their compliance and more time running their business.


DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

Beyond Random Drug Testing

Just because the regulations seem complex, doesn’t mean your DOT drug and alcohol testing program needs to be complicated.

Fleetwatch we can provide everything you need to run a compliant drug and alcohol program. For one flat annual fee, we’ll manage your entire program and ensure you have all the processes, documents and random testing requirements in place.

Simplified Billing

For one, flat annual fee, Fleetwtach can provide you with everything you need for a fully compliant drug and alcohol program. With no hidden fees or additional laboratory bills, we make it easy to manage and plan for your program costs.

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