Fleet Watch

Cable Company


Fleetwatch’s How’s My Driving monitoring program implemented a new culture of safety throughout our fleet operations. The program immediately provided us with an overview of how our driver were operating our vehicles on the road. Our drivers understood the fleet safety initiative we were implementing more aware & accountable for the safe operation of our fleet vehicles.

VP Operations

Fleet & Risk Loss Management


Our company has experienced a reduction in accidents by over 28% over a two year period using your How’s My Driving program. Not only did we receive negative comments from the public but also complments from time to time . In a nutshell, I’m very pleased with the outcome of this safety and risk management program and plan to continue using of these services for years to come.

C. Perez

Safety Director


We were first introduced to Fleetwatch by an associate who had used their program for their large fleet over 5 years. At first we were skeptical because we did not have the some number of vehicles and assumed that it may not worth their while, but I was impressed with their professional approach when we solicited their services.

When we started using 1-800 how’s my driving program , we were amazed by the number of calls we received about our drivers. Aggressive driving was the most common complaint we received, then distrracted driving which was alarming to our organization. The observation reports we received about our drivers assisted us identify high-at -risk drivers . Your support staff helped us establish procedures to enforce our vehicle safety policy and improve the on-road behavior of our drivers.

R. Milino