Fleet Watch

GPS Monitoring


As the industry-leading Driver & Fleet Monitoring company, our prime goal is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to date comprehensive, state-of-the-art system for safety, and security available in the market today. Our FleetMinder GPS and FleetSky Satellite GPS systems are second to none. Still, we understand that field monitoring is only part of a total safety solution. However, our newer more innovative ideas and technology that captures vehicle location, on-board events and capable of sending real-time alerts provides the fleet manager with the complete picture.

We have proven over the past two decades that we set the industry-standard by our innovative and progressive programs. And to maintain the benchmark we set for the Driver & Fleet Monitoring industry, Fleetwatch Systems has partnered with a premier GPS manufacturer and solutions company.

With FleetMinderâ„¢ GPS and FleetSkyâ„¢ GPS Satellite systems, it allows us to provide our clients with a complete overview of their fleet’s operation. Either, FleetMinder GPS, or FleetSky Satellite system will supply the data which provides the exact location of their vehicles or assets 24/7. Our latest GPS technology tracking program will truly provide an innovative, comprehensive, monitoring and accurate reporting system.

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