Fleet Watch

Driver MVR’s

FleetWatch’s   FleetAlert™ Driver MVR program allows record purchases from 51 States and automatically checks driver record list for violations, DUI or DWI convictions, license suspensions, cancellations, and approaching license renewal dates.

FleetAlert Monthly Program

FleetAlert accurately and efficiently identifies problem drivers, eliminating the need to manually request and analyze thousands of MVR’s.

We can do a yearly, semi- annual, quarterly or monthly driver abstracts monitoring . Our Fleetalert MVR reports will provide a concise report identifiying new incidents so that you may take action-before serious accident can take place.

Our FleetAlert service will provide companies the status of driver’s license’s and records of current and potential new drivers. The program can be fully integrated with our driver and fleet monitoring program

Our proactive risk management systems has proven to increase driver safety, reduce preventable accidents, and potential litigation.