Fleet Watch

Benefits of 1-800 Hows My Driving

Benefits of using FLEETWATCH® Systems 1-800 Hows My Driving.COM

Save Lives

Reduces accidents because drivers know they are operating in a supervised environment. Saves driver’s jobs and their lives by promoting and recognizing positive driving behaviors.

Proactive Risk Management

Retain employees. Positive recognition for your professional drivers and a reduction in driver turnover cost through the counseling process to modify attitudes and behaviors before they become job/life threatening.

Save Money

Studies by major insurance companies reported: if properly utilized, driver monitoring programs lower accident rates by as much as 53%, which results in insurance premium savings. Reduce your exposure to driver-liability, while significantly cutting administrative cost.

Decrease Liability Exposure

Fleetwatch® Systems reduces accident and negligence exposure by proactively monitoring company drivers. Pre-employment screening and occasional driver history checks no longer provide adequate protection, but Fleetwatch® customers are protected by using the most prudent driver risk management system available.

Decrease Administrative Time and Resources

Fleetwatch Systems helps customers save uncountable administrative hours. Since Fleetwatch identifies only those records with new incidents, driver records with no activity are filtered, allowing you to concentrate on those few records that should be reviewed in detail.

Enhance Your Public Image

Shows concern for public safety, letting the driving public know you care when you make it easy to report driving performance. Present a positive Safety Culture image.


The success of driver monitoring programs is well documented. Even the easily brand recognizable 1800HowsMyDriving.com decal itself provides an additional safety precaution. This long lasting, micro-prismatic reflective safety material has been proven by *NHTSA to reduce rear end collisions by 30%. If professional truck drivers are able to decrease their accidents and dollars lost by over 50%, imagine the positive impact of this program with your organization’s drivers.


Receive regularly scheduled monthly reports for proactive monitoring,review,and analysis of your fleet drivers.


Our driver monitoring program is duly recognized as the ‘leader in driver and fleet monitoring program’ in the industry by the *NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association).