Fleet Watch


FleetMinder™ GPS Asset and Equipment Tracking Solutions

Paperwork, Security, Safety, and Time will Take on a Whole New Meaning.

A great contractor is known for precision, accuracy and attention to detail. Overseeing a project from start to finish takes extreme organization. FleetMinder Equipment GPS Tracking Solution has been designed with your industry at top of mind. Save time and money while staying accurate. Whether you are managing a company of ten or a fleet of a thousand, FleetMinder Equipment will improve your workflow and keep your equipment safe.

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Engine Run Time Reporting
Unauthorized Movement Notification
Locate On Demand
Start/Stop Reporting
Automated Geo-Fence Technology
Daily Heartbeat Message
Battery Disconnect Alert
Low Battery Notification
Internal Back-Up Battery
Low Internal Battery Notification
Motion Detection/Power Save Mode Technology


Efficient Trailer Management
Improved Trailer Utilization
Theft Protection
Inventory Control
Accurate Trailer Usage Reporting

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